Tyres before being converted to Siloseal®

A life time seal with Siloseal®

Siloseal® after being converted from tyres

Its easy, efficient and effective.

Siloseal® is a mat made from rubber; it is hardwearing and proven to be much easier than handling tyres.

Siloseal® is a perfect replacement for those unwanted tyres at an affordable price with a long guarantee, it gives you what you want for your silage.

You know rubber works - its what we’ve been using for decades

The benefits are:

  • Less labour intensive
  • Consumer and environmentally friendly (no stagnant dirty water etc)
  • Overcomes environmental issues and legislations
  • Minimal storage space required
  • Each mat is 6ft x 4ft and weighs 40kgs
  • Cost effective as it carries a long guarantee
  • Reduces surface waste
  • Uv stable – made from high quality rubber
  • Eliminates animal health risks of tyre wire
  • No requirements for sand, gravel bags
  • Above all it eliminates the use of tyres on silage pits

Minimum storage space required

From a heap of tyres to a stack of Siloseal®