About Recycling

Recycling involves the separation and collection of materials for processing and remanufacturing into new products, and the use of the products to complete the cycle. Much of the plastic, glass, paper/ cardboard and steel used today is already recycled.

Recycling is hugely important in our everday lives with fossil lives such as oil and coal running low we need to make sure we use all resources available to us.

Definitions of recycling as found on the web.

  • Reusing materials and objects in original or changed forms rather than discarding them as wastes.
  • The process by which recovered materials are transformed into new products.
  • The recovery of reusable materials from waste.
  • The process of converting materials that are no longer useful as designed or intended into a new product.
  • A resource recovery method involving the collection, separation, and processing to specification of scrap materials and their use as raw materials for manufacture into new products.
  • Process by which materials otherwise destined for disposal are collected, reprocessed or remanufactured, and reused.
  • System of collecting, sorting, and reprocessing old material into usable raw materials.

Dictionary definition

“The collection and often reprocessing of discarded materials for reuse. Recycled materials include those used in manufacturing processes and those used in consumer products”

About Recycling